Rocky Start.

DSCN3839.JPGI woke up this morning tired and honestly maybe a little drunk after a long but fun night celebrating Taylor’s 21st birthday at the bars in Hermosa Beach. I showered, drank A LOT of water and finished packing my things.

By the time, I was packed and ready to begin the journey to the airport I was starving. It was 11:30 and I finally was not feeling tipsy anymore, but my stomach roared with the anger of Jafar after Aladdin stole the lamp back. So…Tay and I decided a bacon cheeseburger and some fries were necessary. I got out my wallet in anticipation to pay the drive-thru charge but got distracted and accidently let Taylor pay. I realized my visa card was still sitting on my lap and had the realization that she paid for the fries we were dipping in ranch. Ooops. I was annoyed at this but let it go while my mind raced through the checklist of things I needed to make sure I had/did before my departure.

When we finally got through the traffic to my terminal I jumped out of the car, gathered my belongings and went to check my baggage. I checked my bag and went to find a bench to wait for Shannon to arrive so we could go through security together. Shannon and I got through security and found seats to wait at our terminal. We were ready to board our flight for Spain, except that Shannon was hungry and we thought we might want to grab some extra food for the 11 hour flight we were about to embark on.

I did not really want to carry my stuff anymore so we decided we would go get food in shifts and Shannon would go first. In the meantime, I decided to call my parents.

I talked to my mom first. She asked, “Do you have everything you need, are you ready to go?” at which I rolled my eyes and said, “Yes mom.”

Then I got on the phone with my Dad, I figured Shannon would be back soon and decided to get my wallet out. I looked in purse first, no wallet. I took everything out just to make sure I was not being paranoid, but still no wallet. Then I started digging through my backpack….still no wallet. Now I have hung up with my dad, I am crying and frantically taking everything out of my bags praying that my wallet is just at the bottom of my backpack. It is not. I remember I had put it in my jacket pocket earlier in the day so I check there, still no wallet.

Okay now I can lose my cool, did I lose it, was it stolen, I should call Taylor and make sure I did not leave it at her apartment.

I get ahold of Taylor, no wallet. I say, “Can you double check” and sure enough, my wallet is sitting on the center console right where I left it. Needless to say…not the way you want to start your international trip.

Fortunately, for me, Taylor is going to mail my wallet to Spain, credit card and all and my Dad is going to pay for it. (Sorry Dad!) I am just so glad that I put my Euros in a separate wallet from my credit cards so I will not be without funds in Spain.

I will keep you all posted on the status of my wallet. In the mean time I have complementary wine and my all time favorite Disney movie, Aladdin.


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