Not all who wander are lost.

IMG_3670[1].JPGToday I went for a walk in the city on a quest for new boots. It is about 4 o’clock now and as I have wandered through the city for about an hour now, I haven’t found new shoes worthy of my feet.

Which is a problem, because the ones I am currently wearing are breaking apart at the seams. The soles hanging on by a thread, begging me to let them fall off onto the streets where they have so happily tread.

While I have not found my boots, I have stumbled on something better, The Arc de Triumph!

This park, like its city is so alive! I am sitting on this bench while all around me the sounds and the sites of this city come alive.

Behind me stands an old government building with detailed carvings clearly from the gothic era. Passing in front of the building are the sounds of scooters and cars alike.

To my right I can see the Arc de Triumph and all its glory, as well as, beautiful palm trees standing tall into a clear blue sky. There is an Elvis impersonator singing Lonesome Cowboy and a man dressed as Michael Jackson, white glove and all, dancing as Bad blares from his personal stereo.

In front of me stands a bike lane where tourists and locals alike pass by from time to time.

Just beyond the bike lane is a man holding two large bubble wands, creating enchanting rainbow balloons that glitter in the light of the afternoon sky.

The enchantment only increases with the sound of two men humming and playing the saxophone in front of me.

A group of schoolchildren strolled by, giggling while passing through the bubbles.

The ancient light posts to my left add to the beauty of this park where young meets old and ancient cities come alive again.

One thought on “Not all who wander are lost.

  1. Cara-
    Its been so much fun reading about all of your adventures. Have a wonderful time and continue writing.

    Be safe. Have fun. And we will see you soon.

    Take Care,


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