Madrid Day-3

DSCN6365Guernica. Guernica is best known as a painting, a work of art, a sheer masterpiece created by non-other than Pablo Picasso. Guernica, however, is actually a very small town in the north of Spain just west of Bilbao.

Guernica was bombed by the Germans on April 26, 1937 as they “helped” Franco (Spanish Dictator) and gave the Luftwaffe practice of blitzkrieg tactics for what Hitler was planning for the future AKA World War II.

Picasso painted Guernica for display at an exposition displayed at the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris, as a cry for help to the western world. The painting is one of the most successful anti-war peaces in history and has finally been given to Spain following the end of the Franco reign.

So today, we were able to visit El Guernica, the famous painting by Picasso, but more importantly, we got a better understanding of what was happening in Spain in the 1930s. And I I have a new appreciation for cubism, because I can see the destruction and chaos that the work communicates.

On a much lighter note, after our visit to The Reina Sophia Museo we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring El Retiro Park, which is a ginormous park in the middle of Madrid that was once the Royal Gardens. Shan and I felt delighted to be surrounded by trees!

This weekend we are off to Granada with our program to visit the Arab baths and the Alhambra. Stay tuned.

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