Similar to New Orleans Spain celebrates a strange festival called Carnival, the week before the beginning of Lent.

To understand why I think this is strange, it is important to know that lent is a religious practice, used in Christian denominations (predominantly Catholicism). It is the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday in which Christians “prepare” for the resurrection of Jesus. Often this preparation is through some sort of a fast, not a physical “I am not eating” fast, but a fast of the things that get between us and Jesus. Today people often give up social media, sweets, alcohol. This fast is meant to cause a re-focus on Jesus and should be filled with prayer and “clean living”.

The irony of the lent period is that often times these are things that Christians should already be doing in their everyday life.

I suppose it should not be a surprise that the holiday before lent would be just as ironic.

Carnival is a week long party where people essentially “sin” as much as they can to “get it out of their system” before the lent period of fasting (clean living). So, to prepare to prepare for Jesus people party for a week straight.



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