It was 9:35 am when we arrived at Sants train station in Barcelona. It was our first time booking our own train adventure and our first time stepping foot in Barcelona Sants.

Our newfound friends Jordan and Jessica were coming along for this adventure and had anticipated that Shannon and I knew what we were doing.

Jordan is one of those rare individuals in life who flies by the seat of her pants without a care in the world. My favorite people are the ones like Jordan, nothing bothers her and she is up for virtually anything.

Jessica on the other hand, runs on a tight schedule. She always knows her next move before it happens and does not like unforeseen changes. Unfortunately, for Jessica, Shannon and I are winging life. We thrive on the unexpected and seek out the unknown. We love the sense of adventure that comes from blind decision-making. The thrill of the unknown is like a drug for us we crave it, routine bores us. Of course, there is always a time and a place for this but our travels are the perfect time to cave into this deep desire to explore the world without a plan.

Before arriving at the station, we had decided our day trip would be to Girona. We knew nothing about Girona, except that one of my professors had said it was necessary to visit, a quaint little city.

We looked at the monitor for Girona, finding a train scheduled for 9:49 am, just enough time for us to buy our tickets and find the terminal. Having never booked a train ticket, we sought the nearest attendant who sent us to a booth.

After waiting 5 minutes in line, we asked the ticket sales person, “Cuatro alquileres para Girona, por favor” (Four tickets to Girona please).

In which she responded, “Tu necesitas usar la machina ahí” (you need to use the machine there) pointing towards a machine that looked like an ATM.

We looked at her with confusion, “…..pero, no hay alquileres para Girona aquí, pero la mujer ahí nos dio que aquí nos podrían ayudar?”  (but..there are no tickets for Girona here? but the women over there said you could help us).

By now, we had already missed the 9:49 am train to Girona.

Jessica was fuming, her jaw was tense her face red with frustration at Shannon and I for not figuring this out before and for being so leisurely in the morning. Ticket-less and still not sure how to buy tickets we returned to the monitor to find the next train to Girona. The next available train was over an hour later, at which point I turn to my friends and said, “Let’s go to France!”

Shannon looked at me giggling, “Maybe, how long does it take?”

“You are insane,” exclaimed Jessica as she stared at Google maps looking for a city to the north that had a train leaving in the next 15 minutes.

I laughed and said, “No, seriously forget Girona, let’s get on the next available train northbound, wherever that takes us.”

Jordan shrugged her shoulders and said, “Okay, why not.”

After about thirty minutes of debating where we were going, we returned to our original plan and bought a 10:50 ticket for Girona. With a half hour to burn, we decided to venture to the nearest restaurant, an upscale McDonalds, to grab a coffee before heading to the terminal.

Our happiness returned to normal as caffeine started to run through our veins.

Shannon looks at her phone we had 10 minutes to get through security, find our terminal and board the train.

After another 5 minutes of searching, we found our terminal and jumped on the train as the doors were shutting.

Feeling accomplished I turned to my friends and said, “We made it”

With a glare and smile, Jessica nodded.

Shannon laughed, “BARELY.”

We were off on our next adventure having learned the value of planning. Trains wait for no one.

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