On the Road Again….

Guess who’s back, back again…

(if you aren’t singing “Shady’s back, tell a friend..” after reading that are we even friends?)  

I’m back and I’m off to my newest destination, Washington D.C.

Since my last adventure, my head has been buried under a pile of books, well rhetorical books. As a Communication major, there are not many textbooks involved, but I have been frantically editing my documentary, More Than a Mission: Stemming the Sex Trade in Angeles City while attempting to finish all my course work.

 I know if you “follow me” on social media you probably have this perception that my life is but a dream, hopping from one tourist destination to another in pursuit of the best panoramic views. What you do not see, are all the weeks I spend in the library from open to close, only leaving my place to attend a meeting or one of my several jobs.

Throughout the last four years I have managed to juggle work, school, being a student-athlete *now retired*, co-founding a business, and co-curricular activities, among other things. 

With that many balls in the air, occasionally, I am bound to drop one.

 Like this morning, when I slept through all three of my alarms and my friends had to find my house and come knock on my door at 4 am to make sure I didn’t miss our flight to D.C, or last night when I forgot to send the updated draft of a t-shirt design to my boss. (Thanks Rob for putting up with me!)

Okay Cara, why are you talking sh*t about yourself?

I’m not. I’m just writing to say hi, everyone. My life is not as put together as it seems and if you are struggling to get through something right now whether it be work, school, death of a loved one, running a start-up, feeling lost, I am right there with you. And I am here to say keep chugging along. The grind is worth it. The tears are worth it, the lack of sleep is worth it and the half hour friend dates because that is all the time you have, is worth it.

To my fellow graduating seniors, it has been one hell of a ride and I am so excited to step out into the unknown, knowing that no matter what I will always have the support of my squad. Because if we can get through this, we can get through anything.

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