DSC04143I am going to give you a quick life update. As many of you are aware, I will be graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in 15 short days.

Now, the first thing everyone wants to know is what you are doing after you graduate.

Well, I am here to tell you just what you want to know and the answer is I do not know!

I have absolutely no idea what the future holds for me, and to be completely and utterly honest I do not really want to know right now.

Life is a great big adventure and my adventure is just getting started. Now that is not to say I have not thought about what I am going to do, but for now I am going to walk across a stage in 15 short days and step into the unknown. I am going to go home and watch my little brother play baseball. I am going to watch one of my best friends get married! I am going to take some time to be intentional about my decisions and then I am going to get a job in my field somewhere that I really want to work, doing something incredible.

Details about my life updates:

I am graduating with a BA in Communication with a minor in Religion and an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising.

Recently I received notification that I won an award for Leadership in Innovation. The award “honors a student who has demonstrated innovation through thought and action, and who has contributed greatly to the improvement of the PLU community or student experience in a transformational and groundbreaking way.” Someone else nominated me for this award, and it is an honor to receive it.

If you are still reading, you are probably wondering why I am going to DC during my last week of college courses. My friends, Brooke Wolfe and Olivia Cook, applied for a research grant under the DJS Fud (the same fund that fully funded my trip to the Philippines to film More Than a Mission) to do field research on the reparation process at Georgetown University. We will be interviewing students, faculty and staff who are members of the Working Group, which is the institutions innovator in appropriate response to the institutional racism that has existed on their campus for decades. I am here to help with their interviews and to do video and audio recording of the interviews for archival purposes.

On another note, my friends and I’s app, ParticiPoints, recently received 3rd place at the PLU business plan competition (think like Shark Tank), winning $2,000 to help us with launching the app. The app is fully functional and in the app store. If you are a PLU student, please download it and check it out, if you are not a PLU student you can still download it and see what we have been up to, it just will not be particularly relevant to you. We plan to do a full launch in August 2017. Therefore, I will be working on that with my business partners throughout the summer.

My documentary, More Than a Mission: Stemming the Sex Trade in Angeles City, premiered last week and we will be submitting it to film festivals as a student produced documentary short. When we are finished showing it at festivals we will begin distributing to the public. I will be making a few small changes to the doc prior to submitting it in the coming weeks.

Additionally, PLU just launched their Peace Corps Prep program and I will be one of the first four people to graduate with this certificate. The program requires a series of course work, internships, language proficiency, resume and interview prep and volunteer hours specific to the sector of the Peace Corps you would like to serve. My certificate prepared me to work in the Community Economic Development sector and I am currently in the process of applying for positions with the Peace Corps leaving around February 2018.  (So keep your fingers crossed that they accept me.)

Beyond that, if there is anything else you would like to know feel free to message me, set a coffee date, give me a phone call sometime, but please for the love of all things holy do not ask that dreaded question anymore.

With so much love,


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